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The Birdzilla.com Network provides advertisers with unmatched advertising opportunities. Through the Birdzilla.com network of sites you can reach a very specific and select audience. Consider these opportunities.

Birdzilla.com: One of the largest and most visited Web sites for bird watchers. Reach a large number of birders in a short amount of time.

State satellite sites: Birdzilla includes a network of 100 state Web sites (focused on various aspects of birding). Visitors to these sites are after information specific to the state in question. These sites offer the perfect advertising venue for birding festivals and tour companies and other business providing services in a particular state.

Fifty of the state sites are focused on the "backyard birder," including feeding, observation and gardening.

The 2nd fifty sites are designed for the more serious birder and helps birders locate places to bird, places to stay and places to eat.

The Birdzilla Internet Broadcast Network: BIBN.NET is the home to the Birdzilla Internet Broadcast Network. Visitors will find both streaming video and audio broadcasts. A variety of program sources are presented. Visit the BIBN.NET Web site (or go directly to BirdzillaTV.com or BirdzillaRadio.com) for more information.

Birdzilla.com E-zine: A monthly (opt-in) e-mail newsletter. A great venue for introducing new products or promoting a birding festival or tour company.

For more information on advertising opportunities on the Birdzilla.com network please contact Felix Schilling or phone 817-731-9352