On-line Life List! makes it easy to start and maintain a life list, a state list or even a backyard list.

The data base is based on the current AOU published list. You will be able to track three different lists and have the capability to name each one, enabling you to keep a life list, state list and backyard list, or just keep one.

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Your e-mail address will be tied to your name in our data base and used for authenticating your user name and password. If you lose your password you will have to submit the form below, with the e-mail address you provided when registering. DO NOT LOSE THIS INFORMATION. If you lose your password and change your e-mail address (and do not remember your old one) you will not be able to access your list and will have to re-register.

We monitor activity of your bird list. If your list has not been accessed for more than one year, it will be automatically deleted. You do not have to change any information on your list but you must access it at least once every year to keep it active.

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