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There are many good books and several Web sites providing information to anyone interested in bluebirds. The two books shown below are easy to read and have excellent photographs. Both are available in the Birdzilla Store.

Stokes Bluebird Book - The Complete Guide to Attracting Bluebirds - By Donald and Lillian Stokes

An excellent introduction to all three species of bluebirds. Information includes details on bluebird nest boxes. landscaping for bluebirds, and establishing a bluebird trail. Bluebird behavior is included in some detail and covers arrival times, territorial behavior, courtship, egg laying, incubation and fledglings. Excellent pictures throughout. - $12.95 - Click Here To order.

ENJOYING BLUEBIRDS MORE by artist/naturalist Julie Zickefoose is the perfect bluebird landlord manual. Learn how to get the greatest number of healthy bluebirds and the most enjoyment from your bluebird boxes. Dazzling color photographs and illustrations make this comprehensive handbook an outstanding value. $4.95 postpaid - Click Here To order.

Other Web Sites:
There are several Web sites dedicated to the purple martin. These are some of the most informative.

North American Bluebird Society - Perhaps the best all-around source of information.

Phil's Bluebird Page

The Bluebird Box

USGS - North American Breeding Bird Survey

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