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  Purple Martins

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There are many good books and several Web sites providing information to anyone interested in purple martins. The two books shown below are easy to read and have excellent photographs. Both are available in the Birdzilla Purple Martin Store.

Purple Martin Book - By Don and Lillian Stokes
Provides information on arrival times, nest box selection tips, some excellent photographs and natural history information. Very informative. Priced at $11.95, including shipping and handling.


ENJOYING PURPLE MARTINS MORE is a complete handbook for the purple martin landlord. Packed with priceless info, it includes a scout-arrival-dates map, a predator baffle design, and a troubleshooting chart. $4.95 including shipping and handling.

 A complete selection of purple martin products is available in the Birdzilla Purple Martin Store.

Other Web Sites:
There are several Web sites dedicated to the purple martin. These are some of the most informative.

Purple Martin Conservation Association - Join their organization and receive their excellent quarterly publication.

Chuck's Purple Martin Page

The Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Society, NA.

USGS - North American Breeding Bird Survey


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