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Artist Colony

Welcome to's Artist Colony. We'll be featuring some of the top bird artisits in the country as well as providing artist's tips and news. Stop by often and let us hear from you. Becci Crowe - Artist in Residence

"Eye Catcher" Great Blue Heron
copyright 1999
Pen & Ink with Watercolor Highlights



From the Artist's Studio
An Art Tip

by Becci Crowe

Pen and Ink is my favorite medium to render birds. Dots and lines can be varied in size, volume, and arrangement to create a bold or highly textured appearance.

My latest great blue heron, "Eye Catcher", is an example of this medium. Zooming in on the feathers you can see how parallel curving lines give them contour and shape. Shadows or highlights are created by varying the volume and size of these lines. This is one of many techniques which can be used with pen and ink. Once the detailing is complete, I add color to the heron by overlaying it with watercolor washes.

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