Advertising on Birdzilla is an effective way to target your advertising dollars. Not only are you reaching those interested in in wild birds, but you can target even further to those interested in a specific aspect of wild birds. As the most comprehensive wild bird site on the Internet Birdzilla can assist you in developing brand identity, the introduction of new products, promoting your festival and in expanding your markets.

Sponsorships of particular pages or entire sections of Birdzilla are available. Sponsors receive extended recognition on the sponsored section as well as banner ads throughout the site. Each sponsorship program is customized to meet the individual advertisers needs. Contact Sam Crowe at 972-562-7432 for additional information.

Banner ads
Banner ads are an ideal way to target your audience. Banner ads are sold based on a CPM (cost per thousand) rate. If you are not familiar with banner ads and how they work you can visit the Banner Ad Primer for additional information.

Banner ad rates start at $25.00 per thousand impressions. (Other banner ad pricing plans are available. See the Banner Ad Primer for details). Discount rates are available for extended contracts. Advertisers will have their own control panels to track the number of impressions and click-throughs to help them more effectively manage their advertising programs.

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