The Birdzilla Wild Bird Omnibus is perhaps the most comprehensive on-line resource for species specific information. The search capabilities for a species is quick and easy. The following information will assist first time users with the more advanced features. Postings to American Cardinal are available for review.

1. Last Report - Lists the date of the last reported sighting for this specie, if one is available. Details of reported sightings can be found under the "Report History" link.

2. Play Song - This button loads a recording of a typical vocalization of the selected species. The files load as ".wav" files. Depending on your browser and operating system the files may play directly or may be saved to your hard drive.

3. Range Map - If a range map is available it will be noted. The maps are color coded as follows:
Map Legend: Red = Breeding Range; Green = Year-round Range; Blue = Winter Range

4. Bulletin Board - A bulletin board is provided for each species. Comments should be limited to that particular species.

General postings can be made in the Club House.

After posting a message you will automatically be taken to an index page with all the open bulletin boards. You may select another species from here or follow the link at the bottom of the page to return to the Wild Bird Omnibus search page.

You can also use the back button of your browser to return to the species account.

5. Bent (No Bent Available) Currently there is no Bent information for any species. This information will be added in the near future.

6. Report Sighting - If you would like to report an unusual sighting you may submit your report here. Use the description field to report as much information as you like on both the description of the bird and information on where the bird can be seen.

Reportings can be for unusual dates or locations.

The contact information is optional. Provide as much or as little as desired. Making this information available will allow provide others with a resource for additional information. If you are not listing you own name be SURE you have the permission of the party listed before posting.

All postings will be reviewed before they are made available on the site.

7. Report History: Click on the Report History link to see a list of reports and the detailed information for each report. This information will be maintained in our database and over time will be mapped.

8. Alert Request: If you wish to be notified of a report of a particular species simply enter your first name and e-mail address into the form. Anytime a sighting for a particular species is made you will be notified by e-mail.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is important to us. Very simply, we DO NOT spam. We DO NOT sell or otherwise make available to other companies e-mail addresses or any other contact information.

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