Corner is please to have a partnership agreement with Lanius Software. Lanius Software's services include professional custom database development and consulting services as well as packaged software. The Lanius North American Bird Reference Book on CD is the source of the species descriptions and range maps found in the Birdzilla Wild Bird Omnibus.

Several Lanius products are available on the Web site.

LANIUS Software's North American Bird Reference Book, the new multimedia birding CD-ROM
$33.95 - Includes shipping - Click here to order.
Detailed species accounts for over 900 North American birds, providing a description of each bird's habitat, identifying field marks, distributional range, and a summary of its reproductive biology.

  • An Easy-To-Use, Intuitive Interface.
  • A full-featured multimedia application, including over 625 detailed range maps. In addition, over 770 high-resolution photographs, and more than 400 songs or call notes for many of the bird species found in North America are also provided.
  • Try your luck with the Random Bird Sighting and Random Bird Song quizzes.
  • Close to 20 Essays on Birds and Ornithology.
  • Over 525 LANIUS Software Secrets -- identification hints or trivia about the birds of North America!
  • The management status and the Breeding Bird Survey population trend index is listed for each species.
  • Checklists for North America, the 50 states, all Canadian provinces, and other countries.
  • LANIUS Software's exclusive Rare Bird Documentation Form to document the rare or vagrant birds that you discover!

And the best news of all: LANIUS Excalibur 2000, the most recent upgrade to our popular bird listing software product, has now been seamlessly interwoven into the North American Bird Reference Book. LANIUS Excalibur 2000 allows you to maintain your Life List and record your bird sightings from anywhere in the world! This $99.00 software product is now included in LANIUS Software's North American Bird Reference Book for free!

INFLIGHT 1.0, the Neotropical Migratory Bird Reference Book on CD-ROM!
List Price = $23.00 - includes shipping - Click here to order
(focuses on the neotropical bird species of California)
LANIUS InFlight is a software program that presents a compilation of 129 species accounts originally prepared in book format by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

LANIUS InFlight is designed to store, display, and report data contained within the USDA Forest Service's Neotropical Migratory Bird Reference Book (Volume 1) for the Pacific Southwest Region. The database includes tables that contain information about each of the 129 species in the Neotropical Migratory Bird Reference Book. Taxonomic information (i.e., Family and Order names) and management status information (e.g., Federally Endangered, Forest Service Sensitive, etc.) is also included in the database for each species.

The INFLIGHT database is a Read-Only database: you can only read the data within the database tables. You will not be able to add new records, edit existing records, or delete existing records while using the INFLIGHT database program.

You can use INFLIGHT to view information on any of the species in the Neotropical Migratory Bird Reference Book and to print this information, on a species by species basis, out to your printer.

An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Tennessee by John C. Robinson, owner of LANIUS Software
List Price: $32.95 - includes shipping - Click here to order
Get your copy of this valuable book, personally autographed by the author, from LANIUS Software! The first of its kind in Tennessee, this book summarizes the status, distribution, and abundance of each bird species whose appearance is known to have been recorded in the state. To enhance the basic checklist, Robinson's introduction describes the climate of the state as well as the physical and topographic features of the Tennessee landscape, all factors that influence the abundance and distribution of bird populations.  The author also provides a description of the three geographic regions of the state, together with a discussion of the state Bird Records Committee, a historical perspective on the Tennessee Ornithological Society, a brief review of the state bird list, and a summary of the methods one may use to study birds in Tennessee.  The species accounts present details of 373 bird species and list four other species known only from fossil evidence.  33 species maps are included.

Shrikes: A Guide to the Shrikes of the World by Norbert Lefranc
List Price: $37.95 - includes shipping - click here to order
Shrikes are found throughout most of the Palearctic region and North America.  This book is the first complete guide to the 31 species of shrikes and features outstanding illustrations and range maps to assist you in field identification of any shrike species.  Included in the book are discussions of the taxonomy and classification of the shrikes, the general biology of shrikes, and conservation issues related to shrikes.  Illustrated by Tim Worfolk.

Visit the Lanius Web site for information on these products.

Secret of the Snow Leopard, a novel by John C. Robinson, owner of LANIUS Software
List Price: $16.95 + S/H

LABELQUEST 2.0, the Newest Sensation in Herbarium Label-making Software!
List Price: $50.00 + S/H
Newly revised for 32-bit Windows operating systems!   LABELQUEST 2.0 is a relational database program designed to maintain records of plants that you have collected for placement in an herbarium. Its primary purpose is to maintain detailed records of collected plant specimens in a format that permits you to generate one or more herbarium labels for each collected specimen. LABELQUEST features an intuitive, graphical user interface and swift data entry. Print labels by county, state, location, etc. Labels are formatted to report all of your data in a clean, consistent, and professional manner; supports database entry for any state, county, or Province in North America! Customizable header and footer text; options for printing graphics. Operates on Windows 95 or higher operating system.

CLUBTAIL 1.0, the Dragonfly Database for the Serious Odonatologist!
List Price: $99.95 + S/H
Just released is the CLUBTAIL 1.0 database, which features 45 reporting options for data that you have collected. Use CLUBTAIL to manage survey and census data related to dragonflies. The database allows you to maintain specific information on each dragonfly census of interest, including details on the date, time, location, observers, and weather for each census conducted. The database also maintains lists of all dragonfly species that are found on each census, to include the state and county in which each observation was made and the number of individuals observed and/or collected. Data on sites that you visit in search of dragonflies is maintained at a variety of scales to enhance the performance of your queries. Operates on Windows 95 or higher operating system.

Professional Custom Database Development and Consulting Services. Contact LANIUS Software to request more information and a free brochure that explains more about this service.

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